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Introducing LYLTY's Protector "Foo Dog" Rash Guard: Conquer Your Toughest Days on the Mats


LYLTY's Protector "Foo Dog" Rash Guard is the ultimate training partner for martial artists and combat athletes looking to take their skills to the next level. Made with high-quality, durable fabric, this rash guard is designed to withstand even the toughest training sessions. The rash guard's unique design features a powerful Foo dog, a traditional Chinese symbol of protection and good luck, adding an extra layer of meaning to its protective capabilities.


With its comfortable fit and superior support, the LYLTY Protector "Foo Dog" Rash Guard is the perfect choice for anyone looking to push their limits on the mats. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this rash guard will help you stay focused and perform at your best. And with a range of sizes available, finding the perfect fit has never been easier.


So why wait? Get your Protector "Foo Dog" Rash Guard today and experience the ultimate in protection and comfort. With LYLTY by your side, you can conquer your toughest days on the mats and achieve your full potential.


Art by: Daniel Kunimura 

              IG: Danielktattoos 


  • 80% polyester 

    20% spandex

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