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Poison Rash

As Above - So Below


Artwork done by Blaine Reum (model) 

Professional Fighter, Tattoo Artist  BJJ Black Belt 

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North Shore of Oahu  


BIO by Artist:


As Above, So Below

That is the phrase on the front and theme of this piece. The concept of the beauty and science with in the macrocosm, is found reflecting in the microcosm. Some say things like you are the universe, another analogy to this is “all is one” a reflection of the divine.


The frog (kearu) are a symbol ole of fertility and good fortune in japan. Here I have it set as a Grim Reaper moving thru the heavens full-filling its roll within the cosmos. Mosts first thought of the Grim Reaper is something dark and disturbing, where as I try to bring light on this in the sense that with death comes life and without one, neither can truly exist. There is beauty and perfection with-in the nature of this universe and i truly believe that there can be thanks given to both the light and the dark for the rolls they play not only within the entirety of the universe but within our selves and our daily lives. As above, so below


I would say my art style is a mixture of traditional/newskool Japanese and Hawaiian art styles with the occasional touch of realism. I find a lot of my inspiration from old Japanese body suit designs and Hawaiian paintings from the early 1900s to today. Then following many of the prominent japanese and hawaiian artist both locally and around the world thru social media. Observing there newskool ways to flow old skool concepts.

I train jiujitsu and mixed martial arts at Trilogy Martial Arts Academy and Home of my professor Desi Miner . Without my art or jiu jitsu I am nothing I truly owe my life to the concept of creation and am thankful to be able to share my art and a little of my soul . THANK YOU


Poison Rash Guard - As Above So Below

  • 80% polyester 

    20% spandex

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